Alcolado Glacial
To Make You Feel Better

Your ultimate revitalizing companion. Feel the exhilarating rush as our icy-fresh formula awakens your senses and revitalizes your body. Opens nasal congestion, reliefs headaches, alleviate itchiness from mosquito bites. Experience the power of Alcolado Glacial and embrace the cool sensation of pure bliss."

The Alcolado Glacial Mentholated splash lotion.
The Alcolado Glacial splash mentholated lotion, with 76% alcohol.
The different Glacial products to refresh, relieve and repower.


Glacial can be used in many ways; REFRESH on a hot day
(‘airco in a bottle’), RELIEVE illness symptoms (headache, cold), but
also REPOWER (energize the muscles, clear the airways).

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A dad rubbing Glacial Rub Up on his daughter.

Born in Curaçao since 1948

Glacial is one of the most beloved brands in Curaçao and the Caribbean. Discover our story and evolution during the last 75 years.

The SPLASH Lotion!

Alcolado Glacial is our first product, and the reason why Glacial has become part of so many households from generation to generation.

A joyful household using the first Glacial product, Alcolado Glacial Splash Lotion.
A Glacial Care employee spraying Glacial onto a Red Cross Team member.


Glacial has been at the core of the Curaçao community since its very beginning. We believe in creating a powerful and positive impact in health care, education, sports, and our beautiful environment.

Three females taking pictures with a Glacial photo frame.
A Glacial Care employee being part of a positive sport event.