Refresh yourself and enjoy our unique mentholated fragrance.
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We are your daily companion in alleviating common body aches.
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Protect your health with the distinctive sanitizing qualities of our products.
An illustration of the Alcolado Glacial Penguin, holding the Alcolado Glacial bottle.

Since 1948

In the 1940s, a pharmacist on Curaçao was after the creation of a new after-shave lotion. This pharmacist, of whom we don’t have any documented information, made several experiments with different oils and ingredients, until he arrived at the recipe of what would later become Alcolado Glacial. He couldn’t create the after-shave that he was after, but he still created a wonder product with highly refreshing qualities. After this, he approached Curaçao Laboratories and sold the company the secret recipe in 1948. 

The name

The brand name was initially Alcolado Glacial, but in time it was changed to just “Glacial”. Many locals on Curaçao, however, still refer to the brand as Alcolado Glacial. The word ‘Alcolado’ means cold and ‘Glacial’ is a large mass of ice.  So, the name represents a strong cold, which honors the refreshing sensation you feel when you rub Alcolado Glacial in your hands. 

The production of Alcolado Glacial splash up cool down, breath again.
The Glacial’s penguin is one of the most distinctive icons of the Glacial brand.

The Penguin

What better companion to this refreshing mentholated splash lotion than a penguin? Together with our logo and bottle shape, Glacial’s penguin is one of the most distinctive icons of our brand. Even though the penguin has changed several times in size and shape, it has never received a name. 

Glacial Cares

Glacial is a love brand, a brand of the people. We gain the loyalty of our consumers by putting our core values into action. One of those values is community involvement. Under our socially responsible campaign “Glacial Cares”, we strive to have a positive impact on the health, well-being and development of the communities in which we operate. 

The Alcolado Glacial cares team smiling holding a photo frame.
Glacial is proud of its Curaçao heritage, and is now present in over 30 countries.

From Curaçao to the world

Glacial is proud of its Curaçao heritage, and its loyal consumers who in time became Glacial’s organic brand ambassadors around the world. Thanks to our consumers, our excellent quality and the distinctive refreshing and sanitizing qualities of our products, Glacial is now present in over 30 countries across the Caribbean, South America, North America and Europe.