To produce a batch of our beloved Alcolado Glacial, we add our ‘AG formula’, menthol, denatured alcohol (96%) and green coloring together in a large mixing tank. We then filter the mix for at least four hours through a filtering pump. Mixing, which occurs at the same moment, happens by means of this filtration. As soon as the Alcolado Glacial is clear, it can be filled with our automatic filler and labeled with our labelling machine.

For the production of those Glacial products that contain alcohol, we use high-quality Ethyl Alcohol, which is considered more appropriate for frequent use on the skin than Isopropyl Alcohol. Ethyl Alcohol is also used in drinkable alcohols. However, we denature the alcohol to make it undrinkable.

No. All Glacial products are for external use only. 

No. Our products vary between cosmetics, alcohol solvents, antiseptics and disinfectants. None of our products is categorized as a medicine. 

Suggested retail prices can vary per country because of import duties, transportation costs and other local costs. We work closely with our partners to ensure the right pricing, as we believe that all Glacial products should be accessible to everyone.

Please check here to see if we distribute in your country. You can contact the specific distributor to find out which Glacial products are available in your country and what is the nearest store.