Buy, Stick and Win


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Since 1948

75 years of Alcolado Glacial: A legacy of cool confidence and timeless freshness. From generation to generation, our iconic formula has invigorated and uplifted spirits. Join us in celebrating seven and a half decades of revitalizing moments and experience the enduring power of Alcolado Glacial. Embrace the tradition, embrace the cool.

Buy, Stick and Win!

  1. Buy a Glacial product in one of the participating stores and receive the Glacial Penguin Sticker
  2. Place the sticker on your car
  3.  During the campaign the ” Glacial Road Show” team will drive around the island to select winners to participate in the ‘Glacial game night” on September 21st.

This campaign is valid from July 1st – September 18th 2023


Participating stores

Mangusa Hypermarket
Bon Bini Supermarket
Mangusa Rio Canario
Centrum Mahaai
Esperamos Jan Noordduyn
Centrum Piscadeira
Supermarket California
Van Den Tweel supermarket Zeelandia
Luna Park
Alves Supermarket
Botika di Servisio Santa Rosa
Botika di Servisio Mahaai
Botika di Servisio Plaza
Botika di Servisio Jan Noordduyn
Botika di Servisio Brievegat
Botika di Servisio Montagne Nobo
Botika di Servisio Janwe
Botika di Servisio Sambil
Botika di Servisio Nos Deseo
Botika di Servisio Brion
Botika Cerrito
Botika Groot Piscadeira
Botika Nobo
Botika Popular
Botika Zuikertuintje
Botika Gosie
Botika Tera Kora
Botika Mampuritu
Botika barber
Botika Stakamahashi
Botika Vredenberg
Botika di Servisio Juliana
Botika di Servisio Muizenberg
Botika Union
Botika Santa Maria
Botika Palu Blancu
Botika de Savaan
Botika Mahuma
La Curacao
Kenny’s Minimarket
Casa Cesar