The importance of Glacial since 1948

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The importance of Glacial

A product from Curaçao

With 71 years in the Curaçao market, Glacial is one of the most beloved brands on the island. Besides its popular ‘Alcolado Glacial’, a splash mentholated lotion, the product family has grown throughout the years with a bar of soap, rub, hand sanitizer and now a 70% Ethyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic and a Sanitizing Lotion.

But what’s the story of Glacial, and who is behind the brand’s success? Let’s take a look at the history of Glacial and the most recent events around this local favorite.

The history of Glacial and Glacial Cares

Glacial’s popular splash mentholated lotion, ‘Alcolado Glacial’, started being produced in 1948. The company Curaçao Laboratories, established the Glacial Factory at the historic Country Mansion Landhuis Chobolobo on Curaçao. Throughout the years, Glacial’s extended its vision “Created to make you feel better” to the local community. Under its socially responsible campaign Glacial Cares, the local brand strives to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the Curaçao community.  

 Glacial’s Production

 The production of all Glacial products takes place on Curaçao. In the beginning, the production process was completely manual. Nowadays, however, we follow a semi-automatic process. The workforce consists of a highly committed team with many years of experience at Glacial.

Recent events around the Coronavirus

 Given the recent events around the Coronavirus, our workforce is working hard to meet the high demand of our products in the market. All of Glacial’s team continuously promotes good personal hygiene and will continue to encourage the community to apply the official preventive measures against the coronavirus.

 Our new products: 70% Ethyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic and Sanitizing Lotion

In our commitment to the well-being and healthcare, Glacial launched a 70% Ethyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic or also known as Rubbing Alcohol. The production of this new alcohol started in March 2020 and Glacial is working hard to make sure that this product is present in all major pharmacies and supermarkets on the island. Our newest Sanitizing Lotion reached the market in April 2020, and its 65% alcohol percentage also makes for a great companion to sanitize your hands.

Preventives measure against the Corona: protect yourself

Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds. If you can’t wash your hands at a given moment, make use of a hand sanitizer or lotion with an alcohol percentage of 60% or more. You can count on Glacial’s hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage of 62%, the Sanitizing Lotion with 65%, the rubbing alcohol with 70%, or Alcolado Glacial with 76%. Keep social distancing, don’t shake hands, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

By informing yourself and applying these preventive measures, you’ll be contributing to protecting not only yourself but also those around you. Continue informing yourself by reading and listening to the official informative channels.

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