Curacao Laboratories Ltd. started the production of Alcolado Glacial in 1948 in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.

Our products are also being produced under license in the following countries:

  • Barbados W.I., by Curacao Laboratories Barbados, Ltd
  • Surinam, by Surinam Laboratories N.V.
  • Dominican Republic, by Hospifar

It is sold in more than 25 countries worldwide among which:

  • Most Caribbean islands (The Caribbean basin)
  • The Netherlands + Europe
  • Colombia
  • USA & Canada

Alcolado Glacial is a mentholated splash lotion – invigorating from head to toe. The products’ main qualities and characteristics are the fresh cooling, invigorating sensation that the lotion instantly provides, its distinctive fresh menthol scent and the attributes given to the effect of the usage of Alcolado Glacial.

We take great pride in the high quality of the lotion that is a result of the pure and high-quality ingredients that are used in the production process. The recipe is secret but the lotion consists of: 76% denatured alcohol, menthol, and secret essentials oils.

Throughout the years Alcolado Glacial has been a standard household name and item in Curacao and the Caribbean basin. Generations have grown up with the product/brand.

Many attributes are being given to Alcolado Glacial Splash lotion; ‘airco in a bottle’ was the slogan for many years, and is still widely known and used today, which very clearly describes it’s refreshing and cooling effects. Next to the instant refreshing effect it can also be used daily as an aftershave, to relieve symptoms of a headache or a common cold, for relief from mosquito bites and many more usages.

The Alcolado Glacial Splash lotion is our main product. However, other products have been developed and added to the Glacial family. For instance; soap, rub and hand sanitizer. All with the same distinct mentholated scent.